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5 tips for getting your home ready to sell

November 14,2016 Katie Licht 0comments

De-Clutter – you’ll save time and money!

No one wants to buy a house that is full of other people’s stuff.  It gives the appearance that you aren’t really serious about selling and moving.  If possible rent a storage locker and move out to the bare minimum you’ll need to live.  If a locker is not possible, box up your items and organize neatly in the garage or basement.

Deep clean the entire house

Houses which sit on the market are often in need of a really good clean.  After doing step one, you’ll begin to see your house more.  Houses which sparkle (even if they’re old) sell much quicker that those with hand prints, pet hair and stains.

Repair those little items

Sticky door?  Missing trim?  Now is the time to get this taken care of before any showings.  Buyers will assume you haven’t taken care of your house if they start to see wear and tear that hasn’t been addressed.  Spending a little on a handyman now can also alleviate items an inspector will point out to buyers down the road.

Enhance the curb appeal

Impress those buyers are they pull up to your house.  Fresh mulch around the bushes, a pot full of flowers, or a seasonal wreath at the front door make your home more inviting.  Keep the entry to your house swept clean, and consider a power wash if your exterior is looking drab.

Stage your home like a pro

Buyers form an opinion of your home in a matter of seconds.  A  de-cluttered, clean, and staged home sells in half the time and at a higher price than unstaged homes.  Madison has a great number of professional stagers, and there are also great simple things you can do on your own.

  • Paint walls in neutral and light colors.  Above all, make sure walls are clean.
  • Take down all the personal photos and little knick-knacks and replace with minimal items.
  • Make sure windows are clean and use light, flowing curtains rather that dark blinds or dark colored curtains.
  • Use tasteful lamps to soften lighting and create a warm energy.
  • Less furniture is more, particularly in a smaller home.  Neutral furniture with a bit of color via pillows can brighten a dull room.
  • Touching up your home with carefully placed plants/flowers will add warmth.

Realtor to the rescue!

Not sure where to start or what to do? Most realtors will do a walk through of your home to advise, free of charge.

Remember: selling your home is all about preparation.  The work you do now will lead to a faster sale at better price.


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